Svetlana Painter

Svetlana Bagdasaryan

Professional artists spend years to obtain their degree. Svetlana Bagdasaryan woke up one sunny morning to the sounds of her German Shepherd grumbling in his dream, took a brush, and in one year created 60 paintings. Born in the family of a physics professor and doctor, with both her elder brother and sister pursuing their degree in physics, Svetlana did not really consider any other option than science when it came to choosing her profession. Was it a calling? She is not so certain about it now. But nonetheless, she spent five years to get her masters in physics, and in another eight made her PhD in chemistry. She worked as a research scientist in the Institute of Applied Problems of Physics in Erevan, Armenia, shaking dimethyltryptamine cocktails and making puzzles of free radicals in catalyst reactions. However, what happened a year ago totally changed Svetlana’s life and her love for catalyst reactions.


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