Michal Rock Lady Part-2

Michal Rock Lady

The day was clear and beautiful until I met Michal Mael CEO of Michal & Company, Inc. In which my life was brightened into heights unimaginable with her light and intriguing Nature’s Art as you see on these next pages. The light that shines through Michal was in fact open with vulnerability and full of information as she was enthusiastic to explain what her crystal, geodes, mineral specimens, and huge statuary of Buddha’s and art do for the universe and mostly for our lives. It was so overwhelming that it inspired me to learn more about her passion; vision and mission on bringing stones to your home to truly do good in this world.

“Taking a house to become a home or an inanimate object to an animated energetic object is a science. Thus creating the energy to shift human kind into the new evolution of connection with oneness that is transforming and shifting right now. That is what we do” Michal Mael.


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