Michal Rock Lady

A glance back in time makes me wonder, “How did people live such long lives before modern medicine?” I conducted a little research of my own, and found that in China and India, being 100 years old plus active person in certain areas can be the norm. In the America’s however, the average life span is much shorter… between 70 and 80 years old. With the advanced technology, and science we have access to today, those in the medical field have better insight, and can help us live longer. Not only can we live longer, but, look even younger. This leaves me with one burning question, “what did people do so long ago for longevity?”

I recently had the opportunity to speak with energy expert Michal Mael, the owner of Michal & Company. She is a Nature’s Art d cor distributor and specialist. I thought we would be speaking about how she could transform art with rocks, stones or fossils to be usable decor in one’s home. Far beyond what I thought, she shed a whole new light in explaining colors, chakras and the old ways when Shaman were the medicine healers. You see, it was the Shaman who kept the people healthy by using nature as a product. The Shaman understood, and linked energetic flow of the human body with connection to spirit. This concept of energy and using nature to heal goes back more than circa 3000BC to 1000AD.

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