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Michael Matthew


At the point when we consider Palm Springs, it’s not difficult to consider the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. During its season’s pinnacle months, January—March, social schedules load up with tip-top occasions, for example, the Palm Springs International Film Festival and the Bob Hope Classic, yet the occasion with the most style, is Fashion Week El Paseo, an occasion created each March by Palm Springs Life magazine, displaying the top West Coast creators.

From purveyors of fine planner adornments to youngsters’ wear and everything in the middle governed the runway with an energy that was particularly desert. The deciding on board included ex-feline walkers Beverly Johnson and Cheryl Tiegs. The models were high-energy, as was the limit crowd.

“Colourful styles and an intriguing demonstration of understudy planners’ assortments went before the white-hot men’s evening, and the finale, including the architect of the week Colleen Quen,” says Michael Mathews, advertising chief at Palm Springs Life. “Two days of Fashion Food and Wine, another occasion that additional a daytime, foodie aspect to the week, was trailed by the authority shutting party at Melissa Morgan Fine Art.”

Over 35 honour winning cafés and their gourmet specialists from all through the Southern California locale presented fantastic dishes combined with wines of a specific assortment or brand that best supplemented the food.

Design Week El Paseo shutting party was facilitated by Melissa Morgan Fine Art and appreciated for the duration of the night with the workmanship, food, wine, and surprisingly more style.



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